The CAM Honorary Secretary during his visit to Dubai for the opening and then for the finals of the IPL had an extensive discussion with the BCCI president Mr. Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Mr. Jay Shah regarding the development of Mizoram Cricket in particular and the North East in general.


The BCCI President and Secretary have reassured the CAM Secretary about the BCCI intention to develop infrastructure in Mizoram. The proposed New Stadium has been agreed in principle by the President, the Indoor facilities proposed in Suaka Cricket Ground will be taken up by the PWC and prepare the Estimates , Design and expected to be tendered within December 2021. Another Indoor facility will be developed in the State. The CAM Secretary’s proposal regarding grounds in each of Mizoram District CA is under consideration. The work of SCG has also been completed and the President and the Secretary were very keen to visit Mizoram.


The BCCI President and Secretary have informed CAM Secretary to make a program for their visit to the state and also other NE States. CAM Secretary will make the same and send for their approval. Then their visit will be finalized.


During the discussion, it is also understood that there will be a meeting with all the Association after Diwali for finalizing the Domestic schedule for 2020-2021 season.


The CAM Secretary have also requested the BCCI President and Secretary and also the Treasurer for release of funds for clearing of liabilities and for preparation of the 2020-2021 season.

Indian Premier League opening leh finals chhima Dubai khawpuia zin Cricket Association of Mizoram Honorary Secretary chuan a cham chhungin BCCI President Sourav Ganguly leh Secretary Jay Shah-te titi puina hun duhawm tak a nei thei. He an titi naah hian Mizoram bika cricket-in hma a sawn dan tur leh North East-a cricket hmasawnna atana hmalak dan turte an sawi ho.

BCCI President leh Secretary-te chuan CAM Secretary hnenah hian BCCI-in Mizoram chu inkhelhna atana hmun hma tha tak an siam sak tur thu a hrilh nawn leh. Stadium thar sak tur chungchang pawh President chuan a thuphungin a pawm thu a hrilh a, Suaka Cricket Ground-a Indoor sakna tur chungchang pawh PWC-in estimate leh design-te an buatsaih ang a, December 2021 hmaa tih chhuah hman an inbeisei thu a lo hrilh. He indoor bakah hian indoor dang pawh siam belh a nih tur thu a hrilh bawk. CAM Secretary hian Mizoram District CA hrang hranga ground siam tura a ngenna pawh an ngaihtuah tur thu a hrilh. SCG ground khawih mek pawh zawh a ni tawh a, BCCI President leh Secretary-te chuan en tura Mizoram rawn kal an chak thu pawh an sawi nghe nghe.

BCCI President leh Secretary-te chuan CAM Secretary chu Mizoram bakah NE state dangte an tlawh theih dan tur ruahmanna siam turin an ti. CAM Secretary hian ruahmanna siamin a thawn leh ang a, hemi hnu hian BCCI hotute’n Mizoram an tlawh theih dan tur ngaihtuah a ni ang.

CAM Secretary hian BCCI President leh Secretary-te bakah Treasurer-te hnenah 2020-2021 season atana inbuatsaihna tur leh mamawha hman tur sum tichhuak thuai turin a ngen nghal bawk.